Dragon Vest Pattern by Puperita


I love the look of vests so I’ve been looking for the perfect pattern for a while. I made this one out of fleece for my nephew’s birthday. The pockets aren’t in the original pattern but I had to add them because what little kid doesn’t like pockets? And I think they make they whole thing feel kind of letterman-esque. The lining really gives you the opportunity to do something fun without it being super IN YOUR FACE so I used a Cars print flannel. I’m not big on character prints but I think its a nice compromise to have it on the inside and showing when the hood is down.


I made the small size and while the Etsy listing for the pattern lists the sizes as 3 through 10 the small size is actually a 3-4. So it might be a little big but I’d rather that than too small. I definitely plan to make this again although I’m going to try to grade the pattern down to fit my daughter. I’m really happy with the finished product but I felt like some of the instructions could have been more detailed. However, I did have to contact the seller with a question and she responded very fast and was happy to clarify for me.


The only model I have on hand is a 12-18 month size.


She obviously lovesĀ  it.

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