Geranium Dress by Rae

I’ve been wanting this pattern ever since I first saw it. I really don’t know why I put off buying it for so long and in fact this tunic is made from fabric I bought specifically for this pattern back in the beginning of Summer. DSC_0002b I finally bit the bullet since this is also the pattern I want to use for a Christmas dress and wanted to test the size before I cut into the fancy fabric I bought for Christmas. I love it! This is a really nice pattern and even with the buttonholes was very easy to put together. I won’t use the cap sleeves in the next version but really wanted to try them out. And if I have time I’m hoping to use the bodice to make a little bolero jacket.


The bodice is lined with a light pink cotton to match the embroidered flowers on the main fabric. Side note: I ironed this right before taking the pictures but it’s linen which wrinkles really easily. Maybe not the best for baby clothes but I loved the little flowers. DSC_0044b This might be the only time I show the inside of something I make. They don’t always turn out this nicely, although you can see on the right where it’s a little uneven. I lined the whole thing just to make it a little warmer. DSC_0031b The lining is just a little longer so it peaks out the bottom.

One thought on “Geranium Dress by Rae

  1. Wow, very nice job lining the entire dress. I like the closeup view showing how pretty the fabric is, too. I wear alot of linen shirts in the summer here, they are wonderful for the heat since I always wear long sleeves and buttoned collars. Linen is much easier to iron, I’ve discovered after being frustrated badly by the task, if you keep a spray bottle nearby and spritz the whole area you will iron pretty thoroughly without actually soaking it. Then iron that area and the hot water under the iron will relax the fabric faster and the wrinkles will come out much more easily and completely. xoxoxo ;^)

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