Halloween Costume

Only two months late. I figure since this is really just a blog to document the things I’ve sewn it’s ok to post this even though I’m working on a Christmas dress.


For most of this I didn’t have a pattern. I did use the top half of a free 6 month size onesie pattern to make the red part you see. I had to size it up and rip out more seams than I would have liked for a costume, but she actually got a lot of use out of this between a birthday party, Halloween, and Comic-con.


This is actually how I plan out most things I make when I don’t have a pattern. I like to get an idea of how the finished product will look before I commit to cutting the fabric.


I didn’t have fabric paint on hand so I just used plain acrylic paint. It is a little stiff but since this is just a costume I didn’t really care. Contact paper worked really well for a stencil but I did have to make three or four of them since they lost their stickiness after being moved around a few times.


I had the most trouble trying to figure out how to attach the emblem. I tried machine sewing, fabric gluing, hem taping… finally I settled on just hand sewing the darn thing.


There would have been arm bands if I didn’t think she would just rip them off and eat them.

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