Christmas Dress

Finally! It seems like I’ve been working on some part of this forever. Again, I used the geranium dress pattern. I might still go back and hem it up an inch but if I’m being honest that probably won’t happen.


It’s hard to tell from the pictures but the polka dots are velvet as well as the ribbon and the jacket. I bought the red fabric for stupid cheap. Like less than $3 a yard cheap. I don’t have access to all the amazing west coast stores that sell stuff by the pound *swoon* so I kind of felt like I was robbing the place.


It’s really hard to see the jacket details but I have a post planned for Monday to show how I modified my existing bodice pattern to get the jacket pattern. I tried to mess around with it to show the details better but I’m pretty sure I only made it more obvious that I need to hit this thing with a lint roller again.


Precarious walking!


I love these buttons! They are a serious pain to get through the buttonholes though. I should have made the hole just a little bigger but I’m always paranoid that I’ll make buttonholes too big and they won’t work.

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