Boatneck Shirt by Melly Sews

This is a free pattern! It only comes in one size but it’s roomy and easy to grade up a little (I added roughly an inch and a half total to the sides). Melly Sews runs Blank Slate Patterns so even though this is a free pattern it’s not a thrown together, rough draft, maybe those lines go together?? type pattern. Not that I mind those either. Free is free! But this really is a nice pattern.


Ignore my goofy face and the blurriness at the bottom. My tripod is in the closet that shares a wall with my daughters room and she was napping so I improvised with a book.


The pattern comes with a facing piece for the neckline, I just turned mine under and top-stitched it with a double needle. This was mainly because I wanted to save as much of this fabric as possible. It is so soft and the perfect thickness. I’ve been hoarding it since I bought it on a trip to San Francisco. Yes, I shop for fabric even on vacation. It’s an addiction.


Very simple construction!

6 thoughts on “Boatneck Shirt by Melly Sews

  1. Really cute! I recently sewed a few t shirts and was debating weather it was worth it to sew something so simple….I definitely think it’s worth it! I love the boat neck detail!

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