The Dress That Wasn’t

As the title implies, this dress was full of mishaps. I bought McCall’s M6781 pattern for the leggings. It was on sale for $1 and I’ve been on a search for the perfect legging pattern for a while. But then I had some scraps of the floral fabric you see, leftover from a crib sheet, and thought it would be perfect for the dress pattern. And as luck would have it I also had perfect coordinating green pillowcases that I bought in a scrap pile of an estate sale. But that’s where the luck ends.


The two tucks you see on the bodice aren’t part of the pattern. When I was fitting it, before adding the sleeves, it ripped. Really badly. So I folded it up and hem-taped a new fabric square to the back and made the best of it.


I even embroidered the size by hand onto the lining.


Unfortunately the first rip wasn’t the last rip. But I told myself it was just part of the handmade charm. I really wanted this dress to happen after all the work I had put into it.


But that was all false hope. This morning it died a final death. I’m guessing the green fabric was just so old that it was dry rotted? I’m not sure if that’s even possible.


This is the only picture I have of the dress being worn. And I only have this because I was texting it to my grandma because I was so proud of how it turned out…


Let’s just pour one out for that hand-stitched lining. :(

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