Here Comes the Sundress

The Kids Clothes Week finale! I spent most of the weekend making little tweaks to this pattern and printing it out a bunch of times and I think I’ve gotten it to where I like it. And you can download a copy here!


Now, I’m not a professional and I’ve never actually made a multi-page pattern before so keep that in mind. If there are any mistakes I would love to here about them and will be glad to answer any questions. I tried to make it so it would use the least amount of paper when you print so some of the pages are landscape and some are portrait.


I’ll have better pictures tomorrow but here is a cell shot of what the layout will look like once you’ve cut everything out.

I tried to get pictures of the dress outside but the only day it was warm enough was also ridiculously windy. There was one picture though that I knew I wanted to use.

Beatles Abbey Road

If you click on the picture it will take you to the original image.

I can’t help but love all things cheesy! This was also how the name of the dress came about. When I was photoshopping the picture I kept getting Here Comes the Sun stuck in my head since it’s from the same album as the picture. And the dress feels a little 70s vintage to me so I think it fits.

Like I mentioned before this is made for knits and a 3/8″ seam allowance is included. I’ll have the full tutorial tomorrow to show how to put it together and maybe some tips on working with knits.


I brake for peter pan collars. I would buy that bumper sticker.


Updated:Click here for the tutorial!

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