Simple Pleat Skirt by Amelie Clothing


I was a tester for this skirt a little while back and didn’t realize that the pattern has been released! This is by Amelie Clothing and is the same pattern shop that I blogged about here.


I never think to buy skirt patterns because in my head they seem so easy to wing but honestly it’s so nice already having the measurements and proportions figured out for me. And then trying to recreate it (read: do more math) for bigger sizes is just not my thing. Especially with those pleats!


The instructions do a great job of walking you through the folding and pressing and folding again part and give specific measurements to make sure they come out perfectly spaced. It really spoke to my OCD nature.


And I really love how neat this looks from the inside.


This skirt has the perfect amount of fullness but I did use pretty stiff fabrics. Hopefully this still fits come July because I think it will be perfect for the 4th!

Family Photos Dress

This is a sneak peek of the dress I’m working on for our family pictures this weekend.


Why yes, that is the Geranium bodice! I just love how versatile that pattern is.


And it’s technically reversible! I hand stitched the lining so that it would be invisible and can be turned inside out if there are any spill mishaps.


Because the inside is pretty plain I added a decorative hem stitch for a little fun. It’s not very noticeable but I like it. I’m not sure if that’ll be the only thing I do to it though.


I want to add a bow to the front but I can’t decide. Bitty baby bow?


Or big full bow? Neither? Something in between?

Another Ham*a Pattern

I really wish I had the smallest inkling of how to navigate this site because there a ton of cute things.


I’m not entirely sold on my version. I think I’m going to call it a wearable muslin because I was picturing it better in my head. But the pattern is here.


I extended the frill a little to cover more of the sides but I feel like they might be too big, or stick up too much. I’m not sure exactly what it is. The pattern itself is pretty easy to follow, despite being in a different language.


I added the elastic waistband since the size 90 was still a little too big. It’s basically just a piece of binding on the inside to make a casing.



I think if I try this again I’ll use a main fabric that has a bit more drape and is thinner. This grey (mystery) fabric was a Christmas gift but it’s pretty stiff and probably more suitable for pants.


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Parisian Top from Pattern Anthology

I was lucky enough to test the Parisian Top from the new Pattern Anthology collection a few days ago and I love it! This is the Just Add Jeans Collection and it’s full of things I could actually see myself wearing. My children’s to adult pattern ration is pretty rough so I’m really excited to start building it up some and make things for me to wear.


This top is for knits but the collar can be made with woven fabric as well. I really like when comfortable clothes also look good and this pattern fits the bill.


Close up of the collar and gathered sleeves. I was a little worried about the gathering here because I actually used a much lighter weight, almost shear, fabric for the sleeves and bands and wasn’t sure how finicky it would be. But it turned out fine!


The pattern was full of helpful hints and instructions that are very easy to follow. The bands on the bottom of the shirt and sleeves mean there’s no hemming and since it’s knit there’s no need to finish the seams, so it’s a pretty fast assembly. The fit was perfect for me (I made a small) although I added a few inches of length, but the pattern has since been adjusted to be longer.

Another Swing Tee


These are so easy and this time I actually followed the pattern with the curved hemline. I did widen the chest area just to get a little longer use out of it though.


My only problem was stretching the sleeves out a little when I turned the edges under. I might go back and fold the top little pointy parts together more to help get rid of it.


It took forever to get these three pictures up, for some reason WordPress is acting weird for me and sizing them all funky so I hope they look normal on your screen!

Simple Sewing


This is NOT how our table normal looks. And I don’t normal fancy fold our napkins but I thought it looked better than crumpled up tossed wherever napkins.



This is one of those fabrics where I just had to use up every scrap because I love it and all I had were a bunch of random sized rectangles, so I made random sized napkins!


I didn’t even bother to miter the corners.


But can we talk about my begonia?


I like to pretend I can grow things. But really I’m no good at it. My mother is but it seems to have skipped a generation. I asked for this plant for Valentine’s Day. It’ll last longer than cut flowers! And I’ve watered it (not too much per my googling findings) and faced it toward the sun and loved it ever since. So why is my begonia ostensibly trying to crawl out of it’s pot and run away from me?