Simple Pleat Skirt by Amelie Clothing


I was a tester for this skirt a little while back and didn’t realize that the pattern has been released! This is by Amelie Clothing and is the same pattern shop that I blogged about here.


I never think to buy skirt patterns because in my head they seem so easy to wing but honestly it’s so nice already having the measurements and proportions figured out for me. And then trying to recreate it (read: do more math) for bigger sizes is just not my thing. Especially with those pleats!


The instructions do a great job of walking you through the folding and pressing and folding again part and give specific measurements to make sure they come out perfectly spaced. It really spoke to my OCD nature.


And I really love how neat this looks from the inside.


This skirt has the perfect amount of fullness but I did use pretty stiff fabrics. Hopefully this still fits come July because I think it will be perfect for the 4th!

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