Fashion Revolution #insideout

Today is the one year anniversary of a textile factory collapse in Bangladesh. The fashion revolution is meant to raise awareness about the whole industry by wearing your clothes inside out for the day. You can read about the virtual flash mob of inside out handmade clothes here, here, and here!


It might be cheating to use this dress since I made it reversible but she’s never actually worn it with this side facing out.




I try to make conscious decisions about the things I buy, but it’s so easy to go with whatever is more convenient or cheap. This is a sobering reminder that our choices don’t just affect us and I could definitely be doing more to help change things for the better.

Fashion Revolution Day Handmade

Working on a New Pattern


I’ve been on the lookout for a button down dress or top pattern for a while but hadn’t found anything that matched the picture I had in my head. So I made this one! I’m still tweaking the pattern a bit but I’m hoping to get it up in the next week or two. 


This picture doesn’t show it well but theres bunching under the collar that bugs me. I think the neckline needs to be lowered some to get rid of it.



I accidentally sliced through the middle buttonhole so now its slightly off center.




Some pictures from the zoo.


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More Shorts



This is the best straight on picture I got. These have a flat front instead of the full elastic waist and I added two little tabs with buttons on either side. I also wanted to play around with some of the decorative stitches on my machine and added a scallop hem.




The tabs were actually an afterthought and are really only for decoration (there’s not even really a buttonhole). I had the finished shorts sitting next to a bunch of stuff I had just bought and in the pile were these orange buttons and I liked how they looked so much with the navy that I had to use them somehow.


And this is what the rest of the pictures turned out like.

Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads


I don’t normally sew pants. I haven’t found a leggings pattern I like and pants just never seem worth the effort for something you could easily buy. But these were so rewarding! I can’t say that I’m converting to all hand made bottoms but I feel so accomplished after these! There is a sew along on the blog that really walks you through all the steps and breaks it down into manageable intervals.


The pattern comes in 0-3 M to 3T or 3T to 12 and there is a free size two to download. I used the free pattern to see if I would like it enough to buy the full pattern and I’ve got to say I do think it’s worth it. For her size I think I’m going to wait until she needs the size three (and as you can see from the picture that’s a long way off) to purchase the pattern to get the most use out of it although you can pay a little more to get all the sizes.


The back is probably my favorite part. All the topstitching makes them look really professional. And I’m in love with the pockets!


The instructions have you topstitch the inseam which also adds to the the professional feel as well as reinforces the seem to make it extra strong.


Luckily these have an adjustable waist that uses buttonhole elastic so you can easily let them out if needed.


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Summer Strawberries

It feels so good to dust off the machine and sew something after the break from this move! It’s so close to being summer that we can actually use a warm weather outfit so this was perfect timing. And I love strawberry anything!


The shorts are this pattern and sewed up so fast and easy that I will definitely be making more in the future! I printed it at 100% for an 18 month size and the fit is perfect.


The top was just kind of thrown together but I used this as a starting point. I obviously omitted the sleeves but I also reduced the shoulder width some, extended the hem about an inch, and curved it slightly. I didn’t get a picture but I put a simple button with elastic closure on the back and added a pocket on the front to make it look less pajama-y.


I was worried that the added length would make the top too narrow so I put these triangle inserts on either side.


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Made It!

Everything is here and we’re finally getting settled! The sewing machine has been unpacked but I don’t have any projects lined up yet. Although my birthday is coming up soon so I’m thinking some pattern shopping is in order!

Hopefully I’ll have something to show later in the week but I wanted I wanted to come back and start getting into the swing of blogging again!