Another Izzy


This was going to be a birthday present for a friends little girl but the inside didn’t turn out quite up to ‘gifting’ standards. I really wanted to use the piping to highlight the curved bodice and I love how it turned out but the inside is a little messy from so many layers.



So we’ll just have to keep it and come up with something else for the birthday girl. Darn it!


You can get the (free!) pattern for this here.


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2 thoughts on “Another Izzy

  1. What a shame that you have to keep it ;) But seriously, if you think it was messy from too many layers, you may want to try again and just trim the seam allowance on the piping so you aren’t finishing so many layers. That has worked for me in the past!

    • I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time. I think part of my problem was poor fabric choice. It was a kind of slippery mystery fabric that frayed a bunch so it just had a lot going on but of course I still had to use it!

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