Pleated Playsuit


I made this last summer after the Elegance and Elephants’ pattern first came out but it still fits now! This was actually the third one that I made but the only one that still fits.


The pattern is free and comes in not only a wide range of sizes, but also as shorts or pants length! It was a really easy pattern to follow despite having done this back when I still didn’t really know what I was doing. Side-note: I think it makes her look like a baby Tinker Bell! Minus the wings and puff ball shoes.


I made a fixed length strap but the pattern actually has ties for the shoulders. At the time ties were supper fun to pull on for a baby so in this version I made straps and added extra length that I stitched down to the facing but could be let out when she grows.


It’s hard to tell but instead of one big pleat in the middle I did a few little ones along the neckline. As soon as I find where I stored this pattern I have plans to make a pant version. Ah the joys of unpacking!

2 thoughts on “Pleated Playsuit

  1. Your little one looks gorgeous in her playsuit. It looks as though you’ve a knit fabric rather than woven as the pattern suggests? If that is the case, did you have to make any adjustments to the pattern? I’ve just made a short one in woven fabric for my 6 year old (I had to use the 8/9 size which fits her really well) but would like to make a long version in knit. As I’m new to sewing knits and am using a stretch stitch on a standard sewing machine, I wondered whether I would need to go down a size? Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks, Nicola

    • This is knit but it doesn’t actually have a lot of stretch to it so I didn’t have to size down. If your fabric does have a lot of stretch to it I probably would size down but keep the length of the 8/9 size. Good luck!

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