Simple Sewing


This was a birthday present I made for my sister (but haven’t given her yet lol). Obviously she’s a Cowboys fan and she does a lot with animal rescues so I thought I’d make her a reversible coffee sleeve to show off both.


I used this pattern and it was so easy! Start to finish was no more than half an hour and mostly just because I couldn’t find the elastic.


DSC_0039 2

A quarter of a yard would make at least six of these and since they’re so fast to sew up I would definitely keep this in mind for the gifting season!

Simple Sewing


Summer finally seems to be here for good! It’s the perfect time for lemonade but storing it in pitchers means no lids, so I made covers! They look like little shower caps lol.




The shape for both was traced from a salad plate. The edges for the first are just folded down twice to make a casing for the elastic.



And the other is made with some of the bias tape I made here. It was a bit harder to close after threading the elastic (as you can probably see from my mess of thread) but I like the contrasting colors.

Simple Sewing


I’m thinking of making ‘Simple Sewing’ a weekly thing. Obviously there’s no actual sewing involved with this project but I use bias tape so often I wanted something that made me happier to see.




Each set took me about an hour to make but there’s roughly five yards of bias tape in each one so I think that’s a fair trade off and hopefully I’ll get faster with more practice. I used this tutorial to make everything from one fat quarter. I found that it worked well but in each one there’s one or two spots where a seam over laps and the fabric is a little thick, I haven’t tried to sew over it yet but it would probably be a little bulky.

Simple Sewing


This picture is from the shoot I mentioned here. We had family pictures done before we moved because my husband would be deploying afterwards. We wanted updated pictures to send with him but also for our daughter to have something she could remember him with.


I wanted something that would be easy for her to carry around and not have to worry about a glass frame breaking. The picture is just behind a piece of  vinyl with ric rac to hide the edges. I thought about leaving an opening to switch the picture out or take it out to be washed but I know it would just be a matter of time before she realized she could take it out and tear it.


I’ve never used ric rac before so I have no idea how you’re actually supposed to do corners but I had to finish before nap time so this is as good as its gonna get! So far she seems to like it and it’s extra cute to see her point and say Da Da and give it hugs.

Simple Sewing


This is NOT how our table normal looks. And I don’t normal fancy fold our napkins but I thought it looked better than crumpled up tossed wherever napkins.



This is one of those fabrics where I just had to use up every scrap because I love it and all I had were a bunch of random sized rectangles, so I made random sized napkins!


I didn’t even bother to miter the corners.


But can we talk about my begonia?


I like to pretend I can grow things. But really I’m no good at it. My mother is but it seems to have skipped a generation. I asked for this plant for Valentine’s Day. It’ll last longer than cut flowers! And I’ve watered it (not too much per my googling findings) and faced it toward the sun and loved it ever since. So why is my begonia ostensibly trying to crawl out of it’s pot and run away from me?




Simple Sewing

I’ve been feeling uninspired lately so I thought a simple project would perk up my sewing mood.


I used up the little bit of scraps left over from my Mathilde Blouse to make a really simple skirt. Just a rectangle sewn together and an elastic waistband.


The top picture has pleats along the bottom and I promise it’s the same skirt! When I put it on her it seemed a little long and I thought the pleats would be cute to match my top. Not that we’ll wear them at the same time.



Intricate sewing is fun and I enjoy challenging myself but sometimes you just need to feel like you know what you’re doing.