Step Stool Chair


You may remember this chair I posted about here. Its gone from this to:


this, to:


this! It’s almost finished. I just want to paint the steps black and add a few more staples underneath the seat once I find where I put the box down.



I reused the upholstery nails from the old vinyl, not because I dig the old rusty look, but because I was just too lazy to go find new ones.


This is the underside of the seat, I think it needs just a few more staples along the back but I put the box of staples down somewhere and now I can’t find them.


A sneak peak of the Fourth of July dress I’ve been working on! It may or may not be worn on the fourth due to the tropical storm/hurricane making its way up the east coast.

Fashion Revolution #insideout

Today is the one year anniversary of a textile factory collapse in Bangladesh. The fashion revolution is meant to raise awareness about the whole industry by wearing your clothes inside out for the day. You can read about the virtual flash mob of inside out handmade clothes here, here, and here!


It might be cheating to use this dress since I made it reversible but she’s never actually worn it with this side facing out.




I try to make conscious decisions about the things I buy, but it’s so easy to go with whatever is more convenient or cheap. This is a sobering reminder that our choices don’t just affect us and I could definitely be doing more to help change things for the better.

Fashion Revolution Day Handmade

Made It!

Everything is here and we’re finally getting settled! The sewing machine has been unpacked but I don’t have any projects lined up yet. Although my birthday is coming up soon so I’m thinking some pattern shopping is in order!

Hopefully I’ll have something to show later in the week but I wanted I wanted to come back and start getting into the swing of blogging again!

Family Photos Dress

This is a sneak peek of the dress I’m working on for our family pictures this weekend.


Why yes, that is the Geranium bodice! I just love how versatile that pattern is.


And it’s technically reversible! I hand stitched the lining so that it would be invisible and can be turned inside out if there are any spill mishaps.


Because the inside is pretty plain I added a decorative hem stitch for a little fun. It’s not very noticeable but I like it. I’m not sure if that’ll be the only thing I do to it though.


I want to add a bow to the front but I can’t decide. Bitty baby bow?


Or big full bow? Neither? Something in between?

Working on a Mathilde Blouse

After the flurry of Kids Clothes Week there’s not many things we’re short on in the kid’s department. But I’ve had this really pretty silk like fabric for a while now and have been looking for the perfect pattern to use with it.


I finally settled on the Mathilde Blouse by Tilly and the Buttons. I love it but I had to cut my sleeves short since I only have a little over a yard of the fabric. And I had to throw cutting on the grain out the window pretty quickly.


I don’t actually know what type of fabric this is because I bought it in a thrift store but it feels so nice! Don’t let that fool you though because man was it hard to cut.


Hopefully I’ll have it done by tomorrow!

(Sorry for the cell phone shots, late night sewing!)

Back From A Break

December/early January is really busy around here (in the best way!) there’s birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, holiday leave, and visiting friends galore. It doesn’t leave much time for sewing and everything I’ve made lately were Christmas presents anyways, but now that the last of the presents have been exchanged I can share them here! Plus a few extra pictures of what’s been keeping me occupied lately. I didn’t manage to take any decent pictures of anything I made so don’t get too excited.


We had a semi-handmade theme for Christmas this year. I used this free pattern to make stockings for each of the girls. I’ve never appliqued before but it was surprisingly easier than I expected.


These are the cell phone shots I had of the rest of the presents. So. Some explanations. That dog ornament is not the finished product and I don’t think you’re missing much because I couldn’t get the fur color right and just ended up painting it gold anyways. I promise the dog it’s modeled after is much cuter. The pink fabric with dots eventually got turned into a headband that I did like but didn’t take a picture of. Whomp whomp. The designs are burned into the spoons on the bottom left and I was actually pretty happy with those considering how unwieldy the etcher was.

And the bag. I think it’s hilarious but I might be the only one.


This is one of the presents that I received! It’s an infinity scarf that my friend crocheted. And it’s so soft and fluffy and I love it! Crochet is one of those things that I just don’t get. I’ve tried to learn countless times and it just never ends well.

Some random pictures from the activities we’ve been doing lately:


A trip to the Children’s Museum


This was at a reptile farm that had a neat little zoo in the back. Please to be noting that there is a goat trying to eat my shirt in this top picture.



A visit to the park.


And I finally managed to finish refinishing our new dining room table! Which has been in the garage for almost 6 months…


And used to look like this:



I’m leaving you with this peacock picture. Because I can.