Simple Sewing


This is NOT how our table normal looks. And I don’t normal fancy fold our napkins but I thought it looked better than crumpled up tossed wherever napkins.



This is one of those fabrics where I just had to use up every scrap because I love it and all I had were a bunch of random sized rectangles, so I made random sized napkins!


I didn’t even bother to miter the corners.


But can we talk about my begonia?


I like to pretend I can grow things. But really I’m no good at it. My mother is┬ábut it seems to have skipped a generation. I asked for this plant for Valentine’s Day. It’ll last longer than cut flowers! And I’ve watered it (not too much per my googling findings) and faced it toward the sun and loved it ever since. So why is my begonia ostensibly trying to crawl out of it’s pot and run away from me?