Cute As a Button Up


I finally digitized this pattern! And I’m working on the tutorial photos today.


This is a button up top with bias bound arm openings and a proper collar.


The pattern is 12-18 months but in the tutorial I added a little extra room to make it a 2T so it’s easily adaptable.

You can download the pattern here!


Mathilde Hack


This started out as a sleeveless Mathilde blouse but I couldn’t get it to stop looking like a 1950s maternity night gown so I improvised a little.


I cut straight down the middle of the shirt and folded in the edges to add button holes and buttons. And since the facing edges now show when the shirt falls open I used bias tape to cover them.


I added some shaping to the sides after I made the front opening to make it a little more flattering but now there’s some gaping on the back. It’s not so bad that I won’t wear it but it does bug me a little.


After wearing it for the day and looking at these pictures I think I’m going to go back and add one more button on the bottom.