Easy Swing Tee by Mad Mim

First, I’m officially participating in Kids Clothes Week! I had planned to just unofficially sew a long because I couldn’t find the button to sign up on their site. But umm, it was actually pretty easy and I don’t know why I couldn’t find it but the point is now I’m actually signed up!

Second, this is the second top I made! Lol. Here is the post about it on the creators blog, where you can also see what it should actually look like. Mine is less swing-y. I refashioned another old thing of mine and really wanted to use the existing hem so I just extended the sides straight down. And I didn’t have enough fabric to do the fold on the shoulders so I had an extra seam there as well.


But even with those changes this was still very easy to sew up.

holes in shirt

Unfortunately my old shirt had a few holes in it, which is why I never wore it in the first place. But necessity is the mother of invention!

Pocket to the rescue

So, I added a pocket to cover them. It’s kind of honey pot shaped to cover all the holes but I was pretty happy with how it came out. I know shirt pockets are on normally on the other side but it’s not like she’ll really use it anyways.


These pictures just make me happy!


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