Moneta Number Two


This is the second Moneta dress I’ve made (the first here). The fabric is really soft and stretchy which has some pros and cons. I mean, the softness is obviously a pro but because it’s so stretchy the waist seam gets kind of pulled down throughout the day.


I shortened the bodice this time by almost two inches and had to bring the side seams in by half an inch as well. The fabric I used the first time was a bit thicker and more stable so the medium fit pretty well but I wish I had used the small for this fabric.


You can see where the seam in the back is pulling down a little here.



Polka Dot Dress by Kikoi Patterns


First off, you’ll have to just imagine that this dress is more pink than it appears in the photos. I had a hard time photographing it true to life so just use your imagination. Its a really pretty pink almost sweater-like material that has silver threads running through it.

The pattern for this dress was one that the Kikoi shop was giving away for free in the summer. Although, I just looked at their Etsy shop and don’t actually see it available any more which is too bad because it’s a really nice pattern. The construction was simple and I found the directions very comprehensive. The original pattern finishes the bodice with bias tape but I lined it since we’re getting into winter.


It also called for a little ruffle detail on either side of the fake placket. I wasn’t paying any attention and blew right past both the ruffle and placket so I had to go back and add it, then ended up skipping the ruffle entirely. I love how the little inverted pleats on the front and back of the skirt turned out. I drafted a sleeve pattern to fit the dress (it didn’t come with one) and mimicked the pleats on the bottom, which you can almost see in the first picture on the right.


More pleats! This one was out of necessity rather than design choice, the dress is still a little big so I was trying to take in with as little work as possible. Lazy sewer, here! I would definitely purchase more patterns from this shop although they’re in the process of switching their name to Amelie Clothing so if you search for them and have trouble try the new name. One of my pet peeves with printable patterns is when they don’t line up just right. Admittedly I’m a little anal about putting them together but this pattern gave me no trouble.