French Seam Pillowcase Tutorial-ish

We recently bought this duvet cover on a trip to Ikea. It came with the two pillowcases you see but they slide down the top of the pillow rather than across the side, which makes them hard to sleep on. When we get more pillows for the bed I’ll use them decoratively but in the mean time I’ve been searching for pillowcases we can actually sleep with.


I decided to make my own after not having any luck in retail stores and found this red fabric in Joann’s.


This is two yards, for two pillowcases, folded in half matching up the selvedge edges.


Square up the cut edges and cut the whole thing in half down the middle.



To make a french seam you start with the fabric sides wrong side together.


Sew both sides together and trim the seam allowance. Then turn the whole thing inside out and sew the seam together with the right sides facing. This encases the seam allowance and hides all the raw edges.


French seams are my favorite type of seam. Because it’s normal to have seam preferences.


Then just hem up the openings and you’re done! I only did a small hem but I think pillowcases look better with a wider hem. However, I also like when pillowcases are extra long so thats what I went for.