Another Ham*a Pattern

I really wish I had the smallest inkling of how to navigate this site because there a ton of cute things.


I’m not entirely sold on my version. I think I’m going to call it a wearable muslin because I was picturing it better in my head. But the pattern is here.


I extended the frill a little to cover more of the sides but I feel like they might be too big, or stick up too much. I’m not sure exactly what it is. The pattern itself is pretty easy to follow, despite being in a different language.


I added the elastic waistband since the size 90 was still a little too big. It’s basically just a piece of binding on the inside to make a casing.



I think if I try this again I’ll use a main fabric that has a bit more drape and is thinner. This grey (mystery) fabric was a Christmas gift but it’s pretty stiff and probably more suitable for pants.


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Japanese Pattern by Ham*a

I love Japanese children’s patterns. They always seem so floaty and comfortable. I can’t actually read Japanese but this post has the pattern and instructions link that I downloaded the pattern from.


The sizing is obviously Japanese sizes but this chart is what I used to reference for converting to American sizes. Also the pattern doesn’t have seem allowances but the instructions give a diagram for adding them. The elastic at the shoulders was the only place that really tripped me up but I’ve actually made this once before so I had the benefit of trial and error. 


My first time making the shirt (my first time using a Japanese pattern ever).


The first top was a size 80 and at 8 months old it fit perfectly. This new one is a 100 and obviously too big! I sewed up the arm opening more after trying it on her and it fits much better but still has plenty of room to grow, and I can unpick those stitches if necessary. I knew it would be too big but I don’t know if I can bear watching her grow out of it because I love the fabric so much!


Look at the little lampposts!