Day Four


When does something old become vintage? I used a vintage shorts pattern to make these. It came in sizes three through five so I graded it down to a two and they’re still a little big. But when I was looking for pictures to make sure the front flaps go over the back flaps I came across this free pattern for basically the same thing!


I like how the bias tape makes the inside of the shorts as pretty as the outside.



These were very easy to put together so I’m definitely going to be making another pair but I think I’ll try the pattern I linked to next to see if the fit is better.

Day One

DSC_0012 2

This is what I finished yesterday, but it’s a little misleading if I let you think it only took me one hour. The bodice was already finished from another dress but I didn’t like it for the look I wanted at the time. It seemed a waste to throw it out (fabric hoarder) so I just put it at the bottom of a bin somewhere and when I found it the other day I thought it’d be really pretty with this tan gingham.


I’ve been in love with circle skirts lately! The bodice is from the geranium dress and I drafted a circle skirt to pair with it.


There aren’t any side seams on the skirt so I made the circumference of the skirt slightly bigger than the bodice so that it could fold over itself when the bodice is closed. And then I made a little piece of matching bias tape to cover the gap.




I’m hoping to finish a matching diaper cover today.