Playing with Fire

That’s an odd post title. So, I’m still working on the Mathilde Blouse I linked to yesterday. And if you browse around on that website you might come across a warning that beginners should avoid slippery fabrics. I don’t really consider myself a beginner but I also wouldn’t say I’m advanced either. I don’t know, I’m not the best judge of my skill level. But obviously I didn’t head that warning because I had already fallen in love with my ridiculously slippery fabric.

I’ve finished everything but the sleeves and picking out buttons but this post is really about how much this fabric frays.


To start it’s a real pain to cut because it’s so slippery it slides around under the pattern making it difficult to keep everything straight. But then after I got everything cut out I was worried that my seam allowances would get all messed up as the fabric basically fell apart.

Now, I feel like I have to add a disclaimer here because this is when I broke out the fire. This will only work on synthetic fabrics! If you have real silk please DO NOT set it on fire. Because it will just burn. You could mail it to me though…

Because my fabric is synthetic I could seal the edges with a quick touch to a flame. The synthetic fabric melts instead burning. Although if you were to leave the flame touching too long I have no doubt it would also catch fire, I’m talking about just a quick second. And because I like to live dangerously I took pictures (I don’t recommend holding the fabric and lighter and camera) to make a gif to illustrate!

If you’re not sure about your fabric type, test a scrap piece first. Over the sink. Or with a glass of water near by.