Another Refashion

And another Geranium! I couldn’t sew a whole weeks worth of clothes and not use this pattern at least once.

Geranium with pleats

I added the sleeves from another pattern even though I love the cap sleeves the pattern comes with, I wanted to add the bias tape to match the band between the bodice and the skirt.

Geranium sleeves

I like how they turned out although it’s not 100% what I imagined. I had to rip apart the seam once to reposition them and then still had to sew a small pleat at the bottoms to get them to lay correctly. I used matching thread though so it’s not very noticeable.

Geranium placket

Because this was refashioned from another dress the skirt was already sewn together at the sides which means there was no split to attach to the bodice opening. Hopefully that makes sense if you’ve sewn the pattern before. So to fix that I added a placket! I’ve never done that before so I’m still kind of high on the success. I used this tutorial but switched the direction of the opening. It was so helpful!

Geranium side

The skirt also had a small hi-low hem so I left that as it was because I think it’s cute. Sewing duh moment: I pinned and re-pinned and measured those pleats I don’t know how many times because when I folded the skirt and held it against the pattern it was the same size. How convenient I thought! But I didn’t take into account the seam allowances that would be in the pattern and so no matter how many times I redid it the pleated skirt wouldn’t fit into the bodice. I felt dumb when I realized and just eyeballed them from there.


I keep meaning to take pictures for a true before and after but get ahead of myself and just cut into everything before I remember. This was taken several years ago on one of our film cameras.

Remote phoneb

“Hello? I’m sorry I don’t get good service on my TV remote phone. I’ll have to call you back when I’m done making a big mess.”

Aaaaand! I’ve been working on something else over the week as well. I’m so happy with how this turned out and am working on getting everything together to share next week. But I couldn’t resist a sneak peek!

A line dress

I’m hoping to have the pattern uploaded by Monday and instructions/tutorial finished by Tuesday. For free! It won’t be graded and is about a 12-18 month size made for stretchy knit fabrics. They’ve been kind of a theme around here lately. Some baby thinks she can turn into a toddler and is walking, and climbing, and trying to run all over the place so comfy clothes are a must!



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