Cap Sleeve Tee Dress by Shwin & Shwin

I’ve been trying to make myself sew more simple play clothes lately. They’re not as interesting, in general, but they get worn the most and are more comfortable. And hopefully I won’t be tempted to go buy clothes when warmer weather hits. So when I saw this pattern I knew it would be perfect!


I shortened the bodice by about two inches to make it more of a tunic. Dresses tend to trip up and stretch out during crawling so I didn’t want to worry about the thin fabric tearing.


I plan on making this again with a contrasting skirt and when I do I think I’ll have to enlarge the arm openings a little as well. They fit because it’s a stretchy knit but I’m not sure how long that will last.


I still haven’t hemmed it because knit doesn’t fray and I’m paranoid that it will be the thing that goes wrong since everything else sewed up so easily. So I’ve been putting it off.


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