Simple Sewing

I’ve been feeling uninspired lately so I thought a simple project would perk up my sewing mood.


I used up the little bit of scraps left over from my Mathilde Blouse to make a really simple skirt. Just a rectangle sewn together and an elastic waistband.


The top picture has pleats along the bottom and I promise it’s the same skirt! When I put it on her it seemed a little long and I thought the pleats would be cute to match my top. Not that we’ll wear them at the same time.



Intricate sewing is fun and I enjoy challenging myself but sometimes you just need to feel like you know what you’re doing.


Mathilde Blouse 2.0


I really wanted to try this pattern out as it was intended to be sewn. I did reduce the fullness in the bottom of the sleeves by about four inches and lengthened it overall by an inch and a half.


It was getting late when I took these pictures, and I had already worn the top all day but hopefully you can still see all the details.


Like these pleats! They aren’t super noticeable from far away because of the print but these little details really make the shirt seem professional.



These cuffs were so much easier to work with than I thought they were going to be. I guess that’s what happens when you’re used to working on tiny children’s clothes.


Rae Shirt by Refugee Crafter

Another nice free pattern available! The last post on this blog was in 2012 but there are a lot of old posts to look through. This shirt is a size 12 months but is really roomy and will probably still fit at 18 months and then some.


The pattern also comes with instructions that have color photographs of each step.


My favorite part are these little pleats. They aren’t as prominent with this busy fabric but I think they’re a sweet touch. Attaching the neck binding was a little tricky but the instructions did a good job of explaining it. If I were to make this again I might try to finish the neck with facings but I do really like the coordinating color the bias tape adds.


The sleeves are actually the 3/4 length option (it comes with a long sleeve option as well) but are still pretty long. They aren’t really long sleeves or 3/4 at the moment but the shirt still has a lot of growing room. One more note on the sleeves, I ended up having a sleeve that was a bit too big for the opening. The pattern didn’t address this so I just gathered them until they fit and ended up with more of a puff sleeve. I think it’s cute but I don’t think it was meant to be this way since there was nothing in the instructions about it. It’s entirely possible I cut it out wrong in the first place.


I didn’t get a good picture of the back but it closes with buttons all the way down. I wish I had gotten one though because I used cute little shell buttons shaped like hearts.

Polka Dot Dress by Kikoi Patterns


First off, you’ll have to just imagine that this dress is more pink than it appears in the photos. I had a hard time photographing it true to life so just use your imagination. Its a really pretty pink almost sweater-like material that has silver threads running through it.

The pattern for this dress was one that the Kikoi shop was giving away for free in the summer. Although, I just looked at their Etsy shop and don’t actually see it available any more which is too bad because it’s a really nice pattern. The construction was simple and I found the directions very comprehensive. The original pattern finishes the bodice with bias tape but I lined it since we’re getting into winter.


It also called for a little ruffle detail on either side of the fake placket. I wasn’t paying any attention and blew right past both the ruffle and placket so I had to go back and add it, then ended up skipping the ruffle entirely. I love how the little inverted pleats on the front and back of the skirt turned out. I drafted a sleeve pattern to fit the dress (it didn’t come with one) and mimicked the pleats on the bottom, which you can almost see in the first picture on the right.


More pleats! This one was out of necessity rather than design choice, the dress is still a little big so I was trying to take in with as little work as possible. Lazy sewer, here! I would definitely purchase more patterns from this shop although they’re in the process of switching their name to Amelie Clothing so if you search for them and have trouble try the new name. One of my pet peeves with printable patterns is when they don’t line up just right. Admittedly I’m a little anal about putting them together but this pattern gave me no trouble.