Mini Me


This is super dorky but I had enough fabric left over to make a matching pair of shorts!


This is the same shorts pattern I’ve used over and over (I really do love it!) but in the cuffed length. Unfortunately the cuffs don’t stay rolled up very well so I may have to hem them up or add a few stitches underneath to help the cuffs stay up. I also added back pockets that match the ones on my pair but I didn’t get a picture of them.


There were a lot of pictures that ended up looking like this.

Maritime Shorts by Grainline Studio


I love these! Mostly I love the fabric but the pattern is also pretty good. I had a lot of fit problems. My measurements put me in between a ten and a twelve and since my fabric was a little stretchy I made a ten.  But they were still huge. I took the back seam in by two inches and each side another inch. My hip to waist ratio is just funky I guess. Now that I know where I need to alter the pattern I’ll probably go down another size or two but grade the hips out to the ten.


I was also a little confused about the back pockets because I thought they were supposed to have a flap based on the pictures. They still maybe should?



Try to ignore the really messed up waistband stitching and look at the cute pocket lining!


Before I made these I read a few reviews that said the zipper instructions were a little confusing but I thought they were pretty good at explaining especially accompanied by this tutorial. It might be because I’ve never done one before so I have nothing to compare it to but it was much easier than I expected.

More Shorts



This is the best straight on picture I got. These have a flat front instead of the full elastic waist and I added two little tabs with buttons on either side. I also wanted to play around with some of the decorative stitches on my machine and added a scallop hem.




The tabs were actually an afterthought and are really only for decoration (there’s not even really a buttonhole). I had the finished shorts sitting next to a bunch of stuff I had just bought and in the pile were these orange buttons and I liked how they looked so much with the navy that I had to use them somehow.


And this is what the rest of the pictures turned out like.