Christmas Dress

Finally! It seems like I’ve been working on some part of this forever. Again, I used the geranium dress pattern. I might still go back and hem it up an inch but if I’m being honest that probably won’t happen.


It’s hard to tell from the pictures but the polka dots are velvet as well as the ribbon and the jacket. I bought the red fabric for stupid cheap. Like less than $3 a yard cheap. I don’t have access to all the amazing west coast stores that sell stuff by the pound *swoon* so I kind of felt like I was robbing the place.


It’s really hard to see the jacket details but I have a post planned for Monday to show how I modified my existing bodice pattern to get the jacket pattern. I tried to mess around with it to show the details better but I’m pretty sure I only made it more obvious that I need to hit this thing with a lint roller again.


Precarious walking!


I love these buttons! They are a serious pain to get through the buttonholes though. I should have made the hole just a little bigger but I’m always paranoid that I’ll make buttonholes too big and they won’t work.

Halloween Costume

Only two months late. I figure since this is really just a blog to document the things I’ve sewn it’s ok to post this even though I’m working on a Christmas dress.


For most of this I didn’t have a pattern. I did use the top half of a free 6 month size onesie pattern to make the red part you see. I had to size it up and rip out more seams than I would have liked for a costume, but she actually got a lot of use out of this between a birthday party, Halloween, and Comic-con.


This is actually how I plan out most things I make when I don’t have a pattern. I like to get an idea of how the finished product will look before I commit to cutting the fabric.


I didn’t have fabric paint on hand so I just used plain acrylic paint. It is a little stiff but since this is just a costume I didn’t really care. Contact paper worked really well for a stencil but I did have to make three or four of them since they lost their stickiness after being moved around a few times.


I had the most trouble trying to figure out how to attach the emblem. I tried machine sewing, fabric gluing, hem taping… finally I settled on just hand sewing the darn thing.


There would have been arm bands if I didn’t think she would just rip them off and eat them.

Winter Bear Hat


While I had the camera out yesterday I thought I would get some pictures of the hat I made recently. All of our hats are from the summer and now that its getting colder I wanted something heavier/thicker. This is self-drafted and I’m hoping to do a tutorial and potentially upload the pattern pieces some time in the next week or two. Things are hectic this time of year so bear with me!


Burp Cloths

The burp cloths in this tutorial are one of the first things I made when I started using a sewing machine. I hand sewed anything I wanted to make before I got my $20 garage sale machine (It was a dark time before that, full of half-finished projects from lack of patience). But this was the perfect introduction project.

I was around five months pregnant at the time and went a little crazy. I made at least five for myself and then three more for the neighbor across the street. I don’t have any pictures of those but these are some I made for a baby package I recently mailed to my cousin.


I love the flannel patterns that are available now! The ones I made myself are a little boring but the flannel selection has greatly improved since then. Mine are over a year old now and have held up great. They’re the perfect size for throwing over my shoulder or tossing in the diaper bag and the chenille backing is really absorbent. This most recent set used up the last of my chenille and I haven’t been able to find it in stores since then but I plan to try terry cloth on the next batch I make.